More importantly, the fashion industry also plays a significant role in the economic world. According to the research by British fashion council, the UK fashion industry has directly contributed £20.9 billions to the UK economy and support 816,000 jobs (Euromonitor, 2011). This significant contribution is made by marketing (£241 million), fashion media (£205 million) and fashion education (£16 million). For the above, it is easy to find that marketing helps to result in more fashion consumption than the other two contributors. Given the importance of the fashion industry, it is crucial to consider the promotional activities, especially in the light of social media. Spending on marketing contributes to GVA(Gross value added) through the creation of jobs and potential to boost profits. I have ever applied two chapters to discuss luxury brand marketing in details in the Luxury Brand Marketing which is a textbook for those who major in luxury brand marketing and management. Here attached some pages of them.


Euromonitor International. Global Consumer Expenditures for the Fashion Category have Increased by 30 Percent from 2005 to 2010.