Is Your Skin Thirsty?


Do you feel your skin become dry in spring? Today I would like to recommend Eau Thermale Avène Antirougeurs Calm Soothing Repair Mask. With my own experience, it is very helpful for dry skins. Just for using twice, my dry skin turns to be normal. Avene is a beauty brand known for sensitive skins. Therefore you do not need to worry about your skin. It will be very comfortable. Remember apply the thick mask to your face. Otherwise it does not work.


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Gestures are More Important


Have you ever had this experience that you have tried many beauty products but they do not work well? Why? Because you have used them incorrectly. That is to say, you have wrong gestures.

It is known that you need move like “Z” when using mascara. As a result, your eyelash will become long and upward.




As for the facial cream, I do not recommend to apply tiny dots on the face at first like Step 2 because  they will soon become dry. So let’s skip step 1 and 2. Go directly to Step 3. Apply one tiny dot to the jaw and draw cycles slightly. Then draw cycles from the  cheeks to the nose, eyes and finally the top. Remember the formula: from bottom to top and from inner to outside. Do not forget to warm your face for one minute at last. After one week, you will see the difference. Your face will become younger and more flexible. By the way, you shall wait for several minutes to make your skin absorb the cream if you would like to apply more than one cream at a time.




Finally, for the eye balm, you shall move as follows. Do not forget to hold the end of your eyes with the hands for one minute eventually.



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