Adidas NMD Shoes


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Have you noticed the hottest shoes right now are Adidas NMD? They are sold out everywhere. The price goes up to over 3000 RMB (about 405 euros) for a pair  in Shanghai.


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What is the magic of this shoe? It is a running-inspired sneaker with Adidas’ top innovations.


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With a unique combination of shapes, angles and materials, the NMD_R1 shoes pay homage to adidas innovation. Modern construction and bold archival details combine to form a dynamic trainer. With a circular knit upper and responsive boost underfoot, these shoes boast new levels of flexibility, stability and strength.

Are you ready? As a fashionista, action now!

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Is Your Skin Thirsty?


Do you feel your skin become dry in spring? Today I would like to recommend Eau Thermale Avène Antirougeurs Calm Soothing Repair Mask. With my own experience, it is very helpful for dry skins. Just for using twice, my dry skin turns to be normal. Avene is a beauty brand known for sensitive skins. Therefore you do not need to worry about your skin. It will be very comfortable. Remember apply the thick mask to your face. Otherwise it does not work.


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