也美己 002_meitu_1Zheng  Shen (Jane) is a Shanghainese and currently PhD student in Digital Arts and Humanities (DAH) in University College Cork (Ireland). I have completed a M.A. in English Language and Literature (Rhetoric) in University of Shanghai for Science and Technology in 2013, another M.A. in English (Education) in Kristianstad University (Sweden) in 2012 and a B.A. in English (Technology) in University of Shanghai for Science and Technology in 2010.

After graduation, I have worked as Head of Academic Affairs Office and Principal’s Secretary in Shanghai University-Mod’Art International Institute of Fashion and Arts from March 2013 to July 2015. At the same time I have been as a part-time English lecturer in College of Continuing Education of Shanghai University.

I am interested in research on Fashion, Digital Humanities and Arts, Social Media, Marketing and Education. Currently I am working on the project named Social Media Marketing in the Fashion Industry: A Comparative Study of Fashion Microblogging in China and in Ireland. The project is based on an explaoitative comparison of microblogging in Cork and in Shanghai from the perspectives of Consumer Culture Theory and Netnography.

As a result, the project aims to reinforce that social media will become the mainstream of marketing for the future fashion industry. In addition, the project helps to guide fashion companies considering entry into the digital marketing arena or gives more insights to fashion companies already involved. Besides, the findings can be used as symbols of how people define themselves in China and in Ireland.



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